There still is a difference !

Fellow pupils, dear German citizens,
Within our state exists a challenge. And this issue is deeply rooted in our own past.
Our history is one filled with culture, genius and creativity, but also one of war, destruction and disaster.
This problem is rooted in history like a snake which has sunken its fangs firmly into our arm, whose venom flows into our veins and poisons our mind. In this case, the venom is the history of national socialism in this state , our state.
The self-awareness of our culture has sunken to the ground because of our background!
But we are not the ones who begin a war or fight in it, we are a new generation.
A Generation, full of dreams and chances! And we can change something!
We are not National Socialists just because we life in the same country!
Times change, and so can we. Believe in what you can do, and we can – will – change something! We’re the spirit of our state, we are Germany!
We’ve forgotten what it’s like to believe in ones country, our skill and identity.
But why should we not be allowed to believe in our country as we want to believe in ourselves?
Why should we accept this kind of twisted attitude from our society?
We haven’t done anything wrong!
The fear of allowing a new generation of National Socialists come to power is mirrored in every word we say to this theme. Just take a look at the affairs of recent times!
Eva Hermann isn’t National Socials just because of a book about motherhood habits. Even though she mentioned national socialism, she did NOT say it was good in her eyes, only that not all was as bad as it was made to be. And how could it be, how could a society with so many individuals have been thoroughly and completely bad?
In a Association of so many people, how can everyone and everything has been bad?
Or look at cardinal Meisner, who only used a word commonly used during that time, and everyone pecks on him like a group of hens gone mad.
Cardinal Meisner is not a national socialist because of a word said without bad intentions! We have forgotten the difference between past and the present.
Why should we (continue) to suffer for atrocities long past?
We are not the ones to blame for history!

We have forgotten that there is a difference between being a patriot and being a nazi. Why should we not be allowed to love our country, our home, or to send our flag flying high filled with pride?
We are not the ones with racism and crime at our hearts, neither in the past nor the now.

We have forgotten what it is like to be born a German! Should our children live on their knees because of a past they have no control over?
Should they be punished, because we didn’t change something?
Within our power lies the ability to make our dreams, hopes, wishes come true!

We can not be blamed for the past!
We are not national socialist just because we happen to live on the very same soil! The country isn’t the same as before, as aren’t its citizens – we are new German citizens!
Just believe in what you can do and we can change something – we are going to change something.
We are Germany! We are the Future! We hold the power to change!

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